The Middle Eastern Studies Minor

The Middle Eastern Studies (MES) minor is offered to MSU students as formal acknowledgement of the completion of a specialized program of study over and above their normal degree requirements that leads to greater proficiency in areas related to Middle Eastern Studies.

Once completing the MES minor, students will able to demonstrate knowledge of the profound impact of Near and Middle Eastern civilizations on the cultures of the world in areas such as literature, religion, science, and politics. Additionally, students will be able to put into a historical context many of the political and cultural relationships shared by those who live in and interact with geographical areas included in the Middle East. They will also be able to identify and discuss some of the current cultural, social, and political issues at play in the Middle East, such as gender, religion, ethnicity/identity, pop culture, the Arab Spring, and recent conflicts in Palestine/Israel, Iraq, Egypt, and Syria.

The MES minor requires a minimum of 18-credit hours. Students must complete at least 9 hours (3 courses) from the Core Course List, and 9 hours (3 courses) from the Elective Course List. Only one Special Topics (2990, 4990) or Directed Individual Study (4000) in Middle Eastern Cultures, Religion, or Anthropology will be accepted for completion of this minor.

Students seeking the MES minor are required to complete at least three courses from the Core Course List:

  • AN/MEC/REL 3553 – Near East Archaeology
  • HI/MEC/REL 4403/ MEC/REL 6403 – Ancient Near East
  • HI 4413 – Ancient Greece and Rome
  • MEC/REL 3473 – Islam.
  • MEC 4000 – Directed Individual Study (Only one).  (May use AN 2990, 4000, REL 2990, 4999).

Students will select their three remaining courses from the following Elective Course List to complete the MES minor:

  • AN 1143 – Cultural Anthropology
  • AN 3533 – Rise of Civilization.
  • AN/MEC/REL 3553 – Near Eastern Archaeology
  • AN 3540– Archaeological Travel & Participation Program
  • FLH 1113 – Greek I
  • FLH 1123 – Greek II
  • FLL 1113 – Latin I
  • FLL 1123 – Latin II  
  • GR 4283 – Geography of the Islamic World
  • HI/MEC/REL 4403 – Ancient Near East
  • HI 4413 – Ancient Greece and Rome
  • MEC/REL 3473 – Islam.
  • MEC/REL 1213 – Introduction To Old Testament
  • MEC/REL 1223 – Introduction To New Testament
  • MEC/REL 2233 – Introduction to Old Testament Archaeology
  • MEC/REL 3203– Prophets of Ancient Israel
  • REL 4143/FL 4143/6143 – Classical Mythology