AMEC and the Cobb Insitute of Archaeology have multiple opportunities for giving. These include:


  • 311113 Anthropology and Middle Eastern Cultures Advancement Fund
  • 402233 Anthropology Annual Scholarship
  • 402810 Richard Marshall Mem. Annual Scholarship
  • 403145 Janet Rafferty Archaeological Scholarship


  • 310806 Cobb Institute of Archaeology Fund
  • 502036 Robert C. Dunnell Classroom

Arts & Sciences

  • 501202 Theodore G. Grieder, Jr Endowed Fund

Students who win an award from the Rafferty Fund for Archaeological Survey receive funds to support their participation in AMEC's survey field school.

Marshall Scholarships are given in memory of Mr. Dick Marshall, an archaeologist and former member of the AMEC faculty, to support an anthropology major specializing in Archaeology.

If you are interested in donating to support these funds, please contact the department head.