How to Get Involved in Research

The research interests of AMEC faculty are in the histories and cultures of the Middle East/Mediterranean and of the Americas. Primary research conducted includes:

  • Paleoindian archaeology and lithic analysis (Anderson);
  • Archaeological excavation and survey in Israel (Hardin);
  • Bioarchaeology and forensic anthropology in the United States and Cyprus (Osterholtz);
  • Conservation and ecological projects in Latin America (Hoffman);
  • Remote sensing and the analysis of ceramics in the Southeastern US.
  • Environmental movements and Islam in the Levant and Persian Gulf (McClellan);
  • Ecological anthropology, hunter-gather, lithic technology, GIS and geoarchaeology in Southeastern US (Miller)
  • Bioarchaeology and forensic anthropology in the UK, Mongolia, and St. Croix (Zuckerman).

Students in the undergraduate or graduate programs of AMEC may become involved in these research efforts through participation in field schools and in the laboratory treatment of artifacts. Students interested in research and laboratory experience should contact one of the faculty members listed above.