Accelerated BA/MA Program in Applied Anthropology

Accelerated BA/MA Program in Applied Anthropology

The Accelerated BA/MA Program in Applied Anthropology is designed to enable highly qualified undergraduate students at MSU to earn up to 12 hours of graduate course credit during their final, senior year of undergraduate studies. Students enrolled in the Accelerated program complete graduate level courses (6000-level) and receive dual credit for the equivalent undergraduate course (4000-level). This enables students to get a jump start on their MA degree, beginning their graduate careers while completing their undergraduate studies, and while paying undergraduate tuition.

Interested students must consult with the AMEC Graduate Coordinator before they apply. Students also have to apply and be accepted into the Accelerated BA/MA Program before enrolling in the graduate level (6000-level, 8000-level) classes. Students must also consult the AMEC Graduate Coordinator before enrolling in graduate courses to make sure that their graduate credit can be applied to their program of study for the MA degree in Applied Anthropology.
Requirements for Admission into the Accelerated BA/MA Program:

Students apply to the Accelerated BA/MA Program in the spring semester of their Junior year at MSU.

In order to be considered, students must:

    Be enrolled at MSU in the Anthropology BA program.
    Have completed a minimum of 60 or more hours of graded undergraduate courses at the time of application.
    Have an overall GPA of 3.5 or higher for ALL undergraduate coursework.

How to Apply:

The Application Deadline for the Accelerated BA/MA Program is February 15th annually.

Before applying, please contact the AMEC Graduate Coordinator and the AMEC Undergraduate Coordinator.

To apply, students must:

  • Complete and submit an Application to the AMEC Graduate Coordinator by the above deadline. The Application must include:
    • ​A Statement of Purpose. The Statement of Purpose should outline the applicant's interest in and rationale for pursuing the MA Degree in Applied Anthropology. The Statement of Purpose should be 1-2 pages in length, single-spaced, with standard formatting, and provided as a PDF document.
    • An Unofficial MSU Transcript.
    • Two (2) Letters of Recommendation. The Letters of Recommendation should come from individuals familiar with the applicant's academic performance and potential as a graduate student. At least one letter should come from an Anthropology Faculty member. Letters of Recommendation should be addressed to the AMEC Graduate Coordinator and submitted directly, by e-mail, to the AMEC Graduate Coordinator.

Have questions? Contact the AMEC Graduate Coordinator.

Importantly, students are expected to apply to the MA program in Applied Anthropology during the last semester in which they are enrolled in the Bachelor's program at MSU. Application to the MA program would be made through the standard application process via the Office of Graduate school. Students will receive their Bachelor's degree once the requirements for the Bachelor's degree are met. Students will be required to complete all of the requirements for both the Bachelor's and graduate degrees in order to receive both degrees and those requirements will be identical to the requirements for students enrolled in traditional Bachelor's and graduate degree programs. Students will be classified as undergraduates until they fulfill all the requirements for the undergraduate degree. At that time, upon admission to graduate school, they will be classified as graduate students and will be subject to all the guidelines pertaining to the graduate degree.