B.A. Degree Requirements

Major in Anthropology

General Requirements.

The Anthropology B.A. degree requirements are 36 hours in AN courses. In addition to the core requirements (12 hours), twenty-one hours must be upper division (3000- or 4000-level) courses (see lists below). One upper division course must be taken in each of the three subfields, as described below.

Majors are also required to complete either AN 3513 Artifact Analysis or AN 4143/6143 Ethnographic Methods to fulfill the computer literacy requirement. No more than six credit hours from cross-listed courses taught in other programs and no more than twelve hours of fieldwork courses will count towards the required 36 hours. Statistics (ST 2113) is also required. Students are encouraged to take elective courses in related fields that will strengthen their academic training and job skills. These may include courses in human anatomy, soils, geology, land surveying, and history.

Departmental Core Requirements

Courses in this group are required for a B.A. in anthropology.

  • AN 1143 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  • AN 1344 Introduction to Biological Anthropology - Fulfills the unversity's life science with lab general education requirements.
  • AN 1543 Introduction to Archaeology
  • AN 4123/6123 Anthropological Theory - Fulfills junior-senior level writing and oral communication requirements.


Majors must take one course in archaeology from the following list.

  • AN 3510 Archaeological Field Methods: Excavation
  • AN 3513 Artifact Analysis
  • AN 3523 N American Archaeology
  • AN 3533 Rise of Civilizations
  • AN 3540 Rel Travel and Participation Program
  • AN 4523 Public Archaeology

Biological Anthropology

Majors must take one course in biological anthropology from the following list.

  • AN 3343 Intro to Forensic Anthro
  • AN 4303 Human Variations and Origins
  • AN 4313 Human Osteology
  • AN 4323 Plagues and Peoples
  • AN 4333 Anthropology of Violence
  • AN 4343 Anthropology of Death

Cultural Anthropology

Majors must take one course in cultural anthropology from the following list.

  • AN 3113 Societies of the World
  • AN 3123 N American Indians
  • AN 3133 Anth of Latin America
  • AN 3143 Anth of Middle East
  • AN 3163 Maritime and Fishing Peoples
  • AN 4133 Medical Anthropology
  • AN 4163 Anth of International Development
  • AN 4173 Environment and Society

Other Upper Division Anthropology Courses

The remaining 12 hours of upper division courses required for an anthropology degree may be chosen from the above lists or from the courses listed below

  • AN 3510 Archaeological Field Methods: Excavation
  • AN/REL 3540 Archaeological Travel and Participation
  • AN 4990/6990 Special Topics in Anthropology

General Anthropology Electives

The remaining 6 hours of anthropology required for the degree may be chosen from the above lists or from the courses listed below

  • AN 2510 Archaeological Field Methods: Survey
  • AN 2990 Special Topics in Anthropology
  • AN 1103 introduction to Anthropology

No more than 6 hours of credit from the following cross-listed courses will apply towards the required 36 hours in anthropology.

Only 12 hours of fieldwork will be accepted towards fulfilling the anthropology course requirements.

OR, preferably, the courses below can be used to fulfill humanities or social science electives. These courses do not count towards the 21 hours of upper-division anthropology required for a B.A.

Recommended Humanities Electives

  • REL/HI 4403/6403 The Ancient Near East (cannot count towards 36 hours in anthropology)
  • AN/EN 4403/6403 Introduction to Linguistics

Recommended Social Science Electives

  • AN/SO 2203 Cultural and Racial Minorities
  • AN/SO 4173/6173 Environment and Society
  • AN/EN/SO 4623/6623 Language and Culture (or can serve as humanities elective)
  • AN/EN/S0 4633/6633 Sociolinguistics (or can serve as humanities elective)


The following course is required for all majors
   — MA/ST 2113 Introduction to Statistics

Computer Literacy Requirement

one of the courses listed above (*) or course approved by advisor and College of Arts and Sciences

Several anthropology courses are on the university core and will count toward meeting core requirements in the social sciences. They are: AN 1103/AN1193, AN 1143, An 1344, and AN 1543.

123 credit hours are required in the Anthropology B.A. program, 31 of which must be upper-division courses in Arts and Sciences (3000 level or above).