Funding Opportunities

The Graduate School at MSU provides comprehensive information about scholarships, fellowships, and other funding opportunities for graduate students, as well as tuition and cost of attendance and cost of living for graduate school at MSU.

Prospective graduate students will be considered for funding support within AMEC if they complete and return of the following form at the time that they apply to the MA program: Application for Assistantship. This form must be emailed to the AMEC Graduate Coordinator.

AMEC funding generally is of two types: research assistantships (RA) and teaching assistantships (TA). Both positions involve up to 20 hours of work per week, and follow the 9 month MSU employee calendar, not the MSU academic calendar. Research assistants typically work with a professor on various projects. Teaching assistants are tasked with helping faculty organize and instruct introductory courses.

In addition, many AMEC graduate students are employed as assistants in other MSU departments. Prospective and current MA students can find and apply for Graduate Assistantship (GA) positions offered through Student Affairs. . Rather than independently contacting Graduate Coordinators in other MSU programs for information about TA position. Prospective and current MA students can also find and apply forĀ GA and RA positions offered through other programs at MSU. In addition to those listed above, students can find and apply for positions across campus, such as:

Prospective and current MA students should ask the AMEC Graduate Coordinator for more information about these positions, and opportunities to apply for them. The Graduate School also provides more comprehensive information about TA, RA, and GA positions at MSU.

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