Anna Grace Tribble

Department / Division

  • Biocultural Anthropologist


  • Lecturer
  • (she/her)


Phone: (662) 325-2013

Background and Research Interest

AG Tribble is a biocultural medical anthropology whose primary research foci include communities in Iraqi Kurdistan in the Middle East and the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians in the US. Her research broadly focuses on intersections of food security, food justice, food systems, food heritage and how those factors shape population health and wellbeing. Methodologically, AG integrates her training in global epidemiology with medical anthropology through the use of interviews, focus groups, surveys, and extensive participant observation.

AG also has a passion for applied anthropology and works to collaborate with the communities in which she works to support their own programs and projects of interest, ranging from education initiatives to recipe collection and curation.


Current Research Projects

AG has current projects in Mississippi working with the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians (MBCI) on topics around health, cultural heritage, and education. First, AG and her interdisciplinary research team are conducting a demographic and health survey among a representative sample of MBCI members. Second, she and Dr. Lambert are collaborating to conducting ethnographic and ethnoarchaeological research to inform the development of a new course within the AMEC department, Choctaw Cultures. Third, a USDA grant proposal has just been submitted that is meant to fund an educational pipeline between Choctaw Central High School students and Mississippi State University to encourage more effective recruitment and retention of MBCI students.