AMEC Mission Statement

The Department of Anthropology and Middle Eastern Cultures (AMEC) at Mississippi State University is committed to holistic research concerning past and present human artifactual, biological, cultural, and historical diversity and to the training of students in anthropology and Middle Eastern studies. Our overriding goal is to assess, develop, and apply anthropological method and theory in ways that acknowledge and engage an ever-changing world. In so doing, we seek to gather, disseminate, and employ anthropological knowledge to solve critical problems, at home and beyond, through outreach and education.

AMEC Programs of Study

Wading To MitrouThe Department of Anthropology & Middle Eastern Cultures offers courses in the histories and cultures of peoples around the world. A degree in Anthropology concentrates on the study of humans as both biological and cultural beings. Students may undertake course work in archaeology, biological anthropology, and cultural anthropology. Faculty members currently conduct research in the Southeastern U.S., the Middle East, Albania, Greece, Central America, the Caribbean, and Kenya. They focus on household archaeology, forensic anthropology, public health, human issues in conservation, prehistoric settlement patterns, and environmental archaeology. The Masters program has an applied emphasis, emphasizing cultural resource management in archaeology, forensics, and environmental and medical anthropology. Students may participate in these research efforts through field schools and in laboratory settings. Select links above regarding specific information on undergraduate (BA) and graduate (MA) degrees offered.

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