Paula Andras

Image of Paula Andras

Paula Andras came to Mississippi State University from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  She received her B.A. in Anthropology from West Virginia University.  Paula interned with the U.S. Forest Service and received her M.A. in Applied Anthropology at MSU in 2004.

She received another M.A. in Museum Studies at Carnegie Mellon University, and currently works as a Registrar in the Bureau of Cultural History at the New Jersey State Museum.

Ingomar Mounds (22UN500) is a Middle Woodland phase site located in northeastern Mississippi. Today, the site includes one large flat-topped mound and encompasses over 60 acres. For over a century, Ingomar has been under some type of archaeological investigation; recently, it was revisited to address site function. The main research method was shovel testing; suprisingly, the 443 shovel tests revealed a small number of artifacts. As a result, six 1x1 meter excavation units were opened to obtain a larger, more diverse collection. All artifacts, though, seemed to indicate that Ingomar was neither a village nor a site used for religious rituals. The best way to describe Ingomar, therefore, is as a communal site, which implies that the site was an area where people gathered for unspecified purposes. This thesis, while discussing the methods and results, provides supportable evidence for a communal function at Ingomar, thereby revealing Ingomar's place in prehistory.


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