Jessy Arends

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Cultural Anthropology

Jessy Arends grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She graduated from the University of Puget Sound in Washington state with an undergraduate degree in Comparative Sociology and a distinguished thesis award. Jessy has lived and worked in Ecuador, Argentina, and Morocco. After working for two years in the realm of international education and cultural exchange, Jessy returned to academia to pursue a Master's in cultural anthropology through the AMEC department at MSU. Jessy was drawn to this program because of its commitment to the four field approach and the opportunity to work as a research assistant on Dr. David Hoffman's NSF funded project in Costa Rica. Jessy's research interests are migration studies, particularly through an environmental anthropological approach, and gender.

Thesis Title: "Gendered Analysis of Migration to the Edges of Costa Rican National Parks"

Major Professor: David Hoffman


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