Jeffrey Alvey

Image of Jeffrey Alvey

Jeffrey Alvey received his B.A. in Anthropology from Mississippi State University in 1998 and his M.A. in Applied Anthropology at MSU in 2003, earning the distinction of being the first graduate student to complete the program.

Jeffrey is a North American Archaeologist and Cultural Resouces Program Manager with the Cobb Institute of Archaeology, MSU.

Models of Middle Archaic settlement organization for the upper Tombigbee River valley suffer from deficient information as a result of the relative neglect of small upland sites. In order to address this deficiency my research was directed towards the delineation of various intra-site elements in a Middle Archaic site in the uplands of northeast Mississippi. This information was then used to elucidate characteristics of the site (function, seasonality, and occupational intensity) that could inform on the site's occupational history, in hopes of clarifying the role of small upland sites in models of regional settlement organization.

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