Dr. Jordan Lynton

Department / Division

  • Cultural Anthropologist


  • Assistant Professor


Email: jl3317@msstate.edu
Phone: (662) 325-2013

Key words: diasporic diplomacy, migrant networks, race/ethnic Identity, diaspora, transnationalism, governance, postcolonial theory, multiscalar analysis, critical geography, geographic information systems, critical pedagogy 


My current research explores how Chinese infrastructure development projects in Jamaica shape and are shaped by historical intimacies between China and the Caribbean. In Jamaica, I work with Chinese cultural associations to examine how local understandings of Chinese identity and the importance of postcolonial Chinese diasporic networks impact geopolitical transactions between China and Jamaica. I adopt a critical and postcolonial approach to development analysis. Through this approach, I widen concepts of diaspora and racialization to attend to the spatial, cultural, political, and economic contestations that emerge due to expanded Chinese investment in the region. Critical to my research is my integration of my training as both an anthropologist and a geographer to produce an interdisciplinary approach to development analysis that incorporates ethnography, postcolonial theory, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) analysis. I am currently an affiliate of the Ostrom Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis.