Sylvia Deskaj

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(662) 325-3826


P.O. Box A R Mississippi State MS 39762


Sylvia Deskaj (M.A.) is a PhD Candidate at Michigan State University in the department of anthropology and is in the data collection phase of her graduate career. Broadly speaking, she is interested in how various components of a landscape “fit together” and the conditions through which landscape use changes over time. At a more refined level, she is investigating how continuities and/or changes in social relationships are reflected in (and by) the incorporation of mortuary landscapes into living communities, both past and present.  Her dissertation work focuses on the Bronze Age communities of Shkoder, northern Albania, as well as ethnographic fieldwork amongst contemporary inhabitants of the same region.  As an anthropological archaeologist, she is particularly interested in the social aspects of death and human burial. In addition to teaching for AMEC, Sylvia is the Laboratory Manager of the Cobb Institute of Archaeology.

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