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Jean Marcus joined the MSU faculty in August 2005 as an Instructor of Anthropology in the Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work Department. She has studied Biology and Anthropology at the University of Wisconsin, University of Cincinnati and the University of Iowa. Marcus holds a M.A. in Anthropology specializing in physical anthropology and medical anthropology. Her work with captive Lowland gorillas, studying effectence motivation and handedness, stemmed from her longtime passion to investigate relationships among handedness, lateralization of the brain and evolution of language. She has presented experimental results in this area to the annual meetings of the Central States Anthropological Society and the American Association of Anthropology.

Jean Marcus has taught anthropology at Northern Kentucky University , University of Cincinnati, Iowa State University, Grinnell College, and Des Moines Area Community College. She has also taught English as a Second Language and Hebrew. One of her specialties has been the teaching of international students. "The Concept of Culture from Cultures; Teaching American Culture to International Students" was the title of an address to the Central States Anthropological Society.

Jean Marcus is currently doing research on African American cemeteries and burial customs.

Jean Marcus moved to Mississippi from Ames, Iowa with her husband, Alan, Head of the MSU History Department, and her daughter, Jocelyn, now an undergraduate at MSU. The Marcus’ also enjoy being nearer their son Gregory, who lives in Nashville. After many cold winters in Iowa, the mild Mississippi winter has been very pleasant to the Marcus family. Their dog Haley, who is terrified of snowmen, has been extremely appreciative. Jean Marcus and her husband also enjoy playing golf. They are members of the MSU Faculty/Staff League where Jean Marcus boasts the highest handicap in the league.

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